How to calculate your body weight(BMI calculator).

BMI calculator

BMI calculator

BMI stands for body weight index it measures the body size.

It’s a combination of of a person’s weight and, hight.

The results of the BMI calculator will give you an idea about your ideal weight according to your height.

A BMI calculator is a tool that gives you estimated information about your body, whether you are underweight, excess weight or, obese.

Excess body weight can lead to many different health problems such as high blood pressure,type two diabetes, visual disturbance, pancreatis disease and, more.

Underweight body also, can be at a risk for anemia, malnutrition, osteoporesis (bone problems).

You need to keep your body in the optimum condition neither, overweight , nor, underweight.

BMI calculator can not measure body fat directly.

bmi calculator for adults

BMI calculator does not related to age or gender it can be used by anyone in any age.

But more important for adults to maintain their body weight and, control obesity.

You can use BMI calculator to get an idea about your ideal weight according to your age and, hight this helps you to stop eating some kinds of foods and, add some kinds of foods to your diet.

In case you are overweight you’ll need to stop eating carbohydrates recipes because carbs fast in digestion process when you eat carbs food you’ll digest it fast and, become hungry.

In this case you’ll have to eat many times a day and, you can’t lose weight by eating too much food.

The second reason is that carbs recipes increase your susciptibilty of getting diabetes and, pancreatic problems.

When you eat glucose-containing food like carbs this makes your pancreas releases more insulin to lower blood glucose and, as you continue eating carbs food the insulin receptors become resistant to insulin thus leads to accumulation of glucose in your blood and results in diabetes and, liver diease.

How to use BMI calcultor

BMI calculator can be a screen tool to give you an estimated value about the ideal weight you should have according to your hight and, current weight.

But does not diagnose the level of fats in your body or, if you are healthy or, not.

Then you should correct your diet and, do physical activites such as running, go to gym and, on.

what is bmi used for?

BMI calculator is used to measure overweight and, obesity because it requires only hight and, weight to give you an estimated value about your ideal weight.

BMI calculator is inexpensive and, easy to use tool.Anyone can use it to calculate their weight.

bmi formula

The units of Measurement Calculations
Kilograms & meters Weight (kg) / [height (m)]2With the metric system, the formula for BMI is can be calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms over height in meters squared. .For instance : Weight = 70 kg, Height = 172 cm (1.72 m)
Calculation: 70 ÷ (1.72)2 = 53.37
Pounds & inches The Formula is the weight (lb) / [height (in)]2 x 703 you can Calculate body mass index by dividing weight in pounds (lbs) by height in inches (in) squared and then multiply by a conversion factor of 703.For instance : Weight = 170 lbs, Height = 5’5″ (65″)
The Calculation will be : [150 ÷ (65)2] x 703 = 42.30

Some Limitations associated with BMI

BMI calculator is widely used by a lot of people across the globe and, it’s a useful indicator for body weight but it has some limitations.

BMI calculator gives only an estimated value that cann’t take body composition into account.

Because of the differences among body types and, as well as bones, muscles, fat distribution.

BMI calculator should be used with other measurement tools better than being used alone as a weight determinating tool.

BMI for adults.

BMI calculator is not fully accurate in measuring body fats because it measures excess body weight.

Furthermore BMI calculator is affected by some factors like age, sex, ethnicity, muscle mass, body fat, and activity level, and, some others factors.

For instance, if someone is considered a healthy weight but they completely inactive and, don’t do any type of physical activities in their life those people may have excess fats.

While a younger person with higher body mass of the same BMI would be considered healthy.

In athletes and, body builders who may look overweight due to their muscle mass more than fat, it’s completely possible that they are at a healthy weight.

That’s why BMI a lone is not enough to determine the ideal body weight.

And, therefore it should be accompanied with other measurments tools for more accuracy.

BMI calculator for children and adolescents

The same limitations and, factors affecting the accuracy of BMI calculator in adults can be applied to children and, adolescents.

In addition to that hight and, maturation can affect BMI and, body fat among children and, adolescents.

BMI calculator can be considered as a better indicator for excess body fat for obese children that it’s for overweight children.

BMI calculator is very nice indicator of body fat distribution for 90-95 % of the population and, can be used with others tools to help determine healthy body weight.

Who shouldn’t use a BMI calculator?

BMI calculators is not used for body builders, athletes, preganant women, and, elderly people.

Because BMI calcultor cann’t differentiate between whether the weight is muscle or fat, just number.

Athletes and, body builders may have a high muscle mass but this does not associated with increased risk of health problems.

Children and, elderly may have a low muscle mass as a result they’ll have low BMI.

For more information visit Canadian Guidelines for Body Weight Classification in Adults

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