What is the carnivore diet? Benefits and foods

carnivor diet for weight loss

Carnivore is the diet that includes only meat, fish, eggs, and some dietary products and excludes all other types of food and, zero carbohydrates.


So, how does the carnivore diet come?

Some people had diseases and they start eliminating some types of foods from their diet to discover what is the cause of this disease.

They are eliminating until finding the food-related to their diseases and, then return the other types of food that have been eliminated earlier.


The people who started this elimination process reached this carnivore diet to eat meat products and dairy products such as yogurt.


Who is the carnivore diet for?

First for people who have auto-immune diseases

Mikaila Paterson is a girl who had an auto-immune disease since her childhood

She had arthritis, eczema of the skin, and other autoimmune diseases, she doesn’t eat and had severe depression.

She had all these diseases when she was 20 years old.


Her doctor told her that she has autoimmune diseases then she starts taking cortisol then eventually she became obese due to the cortisol.

She started eliminating some types of food from her diet. She got a celiac disease which usually caused by gluten from wheat.

When she eliminated all types of food and, starts eating only meat products, she healed from all the diseases she had earlier.

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So, this is the story of the carnivore diet.



Now all people who have autoimmune diseases, digestive tract disease, severe depression, and other diseases start following carnivore diet.

Now you may be wondering isn’t meat causes cancer as some studies claim?

All studies and researches which have been done to discover the causes of cancer used general factors not specifically done on people who eat only meat and another vegetarian.



But Have been done in people who eat meat and other types of food that why we can’t say meat is the main cause of cancer in this category because may be due to other types of food.

Uric acid is caused by fructose and, high glucose because uric acids precipitate and joints and cause arthritis (joints pain).


Any type of inflammation needs glucose to exacerbate


High glucose causes gout or increased levels of uric acids.

So, glucose, fructose, hypertensive drugs and, meat are the causes of gout


The people who follow carnivore diet non of the got gout. It means meat alone doesn’t cause gout only for those who already have high levels of uric acids they can’t follow a carnivore diet.


Cow liver is the best food you should eat it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients substances.

So, if you want to start the carnivore diet you have to eliminate carbohydrates then go to the ketogenic diet then the carnivore diet. You can’t start a carnivore diet immediately.


Foods to avoid in the carnivore diet
What Are the benefits of the carnivore diet
The carnivore diet is the best anti-inflammatory diet for people who have autoimmune diseases


The carnivore diet becomes a popular weight loss diet.

3.The carnivore diet is good for the digestion process because your digestive tract can’t digest large amounts of vegetables easily so, when you follow the carnivore diet you don’t vegetables at all and that’s good for your digestive system.


Many experts are worried about the risks of consuming a lot of saturated fat from meats like fatty steaks, which is additionally one of the most considerations with a keto diet.


whereas the risks of dietary saturated fat are also debated, the American Heart Association reiterated its stance in a very position paper printed in July 2017 within the journal Circulation.


(7) The analysis, which checked out quite one hundred studies, noted that individuals must replace sources of saturated fat with unsaturated fats so as to lower the danger of cardiovascular disease.


The World Health Organization (WHO) conjointly defines a healthy diet is one that features fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains


All foods that are sources of carbohydrates — and specializing in unsaturated fats, like fish and avocado, whereas limiting saturated fat from fatty meat and butter.


There’s conjointly the potential stress on kidneys once metabolizing high amounts of supermolecule.

you furthermore may miss out on disease-fighting nutrients, like fiber, and antioxidants, like vitamin C and E, says Weinandy.


So, if You don’t have gout can try it and see if it fits you or not then decide which meal plan is the best for your body whether it ketogenic diet or a carnivore diet.

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